What is a Zercher Squat?

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​​The Fuck is: Zercher Squat

Leg day. You probably heard "Don't skip the leg day" multiple times. Let me tell you, "Nev8er skip your leg day if you want to progress" one more time !!!

Deadlifting and squatting are essential, but adding a new move like Zercher Squat to your leg day routine can boost your gains and motivation.

Ed Zercher was a powerlifter from the '30s. Many lifters back then did not have access to "fancy" equipment such as squat racks. But Ed Zercher was so motivated to improve his strength and physique that he had to be creative. So he came up with a move that allowed him to squat heavy without the necessity of flipping the barbell on the back.

This exercise was unique to him for some time, but after deadlifting 536 lbs at 155 lbs body weight, many people were interested in Ed's training routine, and Ed did not keep his squad in secret.

Zercher Squat is not a typical exercise nowadays, and it is mainly used by old-schoolers. It forces you to maintain an upright position, and it is nearly impossible to cheat.

It has its benefits (less spine contraction) and disadvantages (discomfort). It is not a front/back squat substitution, but definitely a move worth knowing and trying. Just don t forget to use a towel or a foam pad around the bar to minimize the discomfort.

That is how it's done
-Keep your back arched, and bend down enough to wrap your elbow crooks under the bar.
-Deadlift the bar off of the ground until standing erect. Legs should be at a wide stance.
-Squat down past parallel while keeping your chest up and core tight.
-Push up with your heels.


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