The fuck is… CNS Side Effects?

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The fuck is… CNS Side Effects?
Anabolic steroids can affect your central nervous system in numerous ways. You can get:
Sleep disorders;
Mood swings;
Easier irritability;
Unnatural self-confidence boost;
Panic attacks.
Good news is — you won’t get all at once:
1. CNS side effects are individual as fuck, to the point that this major study from 2015 couldn’t find ANY connections between mood changes and steroids use. Some get it, some don’t. It all depends on your natural temper;
2. The only thing that you SHOULD be ready to face is increased aggression. The said study from 2015, along with a newer material from 2018, both say that aggression is common AF.
Adverse brain effects can manifest too, BUT neurotoxicity is extremely dose-dependant. Here’s an in-depth study from 2020 that covers all the consequences of abuse.
TL;DR: Run steroids in adequate doses or you’ll get real dumb real fast, while being a sad and aggressive dick.


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