How To Stop & Reverse Aging with Dr. David Sinclair

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Do you want to lose weight or even reverse your age biologically up to 20 years younger! I tried NMN and I swear this is the real deal.

In this episode, we share the science of how to reprogram your body and reset your biological age. Can you permanently reverse aging? What should you do to slow down your aging process and stay young for longer.. maybe even forever.. with our guest Dr. David Sinclair. 

David A. Sinclair, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, tenured professor at Harvard Medical School, and world leader in aging research. He has published over 160 scientific papers, is a co-inventor on over 50 patents, and has co-founded 12 biotechnology companies in the areas of aging, vaccines, diabetes, fertility, cancer, and biodefense. David is the author of the bestselling book Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To. He serves as co-chief editor of the scientific journal Aging, works with national defense agencies, and works with NASA. He has received 35 honors including being one of Australia's leading scientists under 45, TIME magazine’s list of the “100 most influential people in the world” and many more. 

  • Aging doesn’t have to be that way. 

  • There are genes that control how long we live.

  • Lifespan is 80% lifestyle, 20% genetics. 

  • You can manipulate the genes that impact your lifespan both at a personal and lifestyle level, 

  • There’s a clock in your body that can be reset. Aging can be reversed. 

  • The information for your body to be young again still exists. The instructions are still in your cells. 

  • The 9 hallmarks of aging

    • Mitochondrial dysfunction

    • Genomic instability caused by DNA damage

    • Telomere attrition 

    • Epigenome alterations

    • Loss of proteostasis

    • Deregulated nutrient sensing 

    • Accumulation of senescent zombielike cells that inflame healthy cells

    • Stem cell exhaustion

    • Altered intercellular communication and the production of inflammatory molecules

  • What is the upstream cause of ALL the main impacts of aging?

  • There are unified upstream causes of aging.

  • Starting with cellular aging 

  • “Sirtuins"

    • Silent Information Regulator 

  • “The information theory of aging"

  • We are born with a perfect set of genetic information. It’s in 2 forms:

    • DNA

    • Elements that read the DNA (epigenome)

  • Information becomes lost and diluted over time. 

  • While mutations are one way, if it’s a reading error it’s another way. 

  • A genome is just a chemical - it’s words on a page. To bring it to life, you need a “reading machine” - the nucleus and the cell that supports the nucleus. 

  • “Epigenetic reprogramming” 

  • DNA damage can still be an important piece of aging. 

  • DNA Methylation - clover leaves that accumulate on your DNA

  • Your epigenetic code sits on top of your DNA and actives or turns of certain strands of DNA.

  • By reading your DNA Methylation pattern you can see what your “biological” age is. 

  • Key life interventions to extend your life by 14 years on average:

    • Eat healthily

    • Workout

    • Sleep well

    • Fasting & Caloric Restriction

  • Every cell in your body has to respond to at least one broken DNA strand per day - that’s 28 billion broken DNA strands - potential tumors or medical issues - happening in your body every day. 

  • What causes DNA damage and how can we avoid it?

    • Cancerous materials

    • Sun damage

    • Don’t microwave plastics

    • Inkjet yellow die is really toxic

    • X-rays and CT scans will break your DNA

  • How can we make our sirtuins more effective?

    • Take “sirtuin-activating molecules"

    • Eat foods that activate them. 

    • High-intensity exercise

    • Weight lifting 

    • Fasting

    • Cold Exposure

  • We’ve known for over 80 years that calorie restriction extends the lifespan of any animal from a spider to a dog. 

    • 70-80% of what it would normally eat. 

  • Cold therapy makes white fat become brown or beige fat. 

    • So this isn’t a cold shower, it’s more like cryotherapy. 

  • There are 7 sirtuin genes on our body and they are our bodies protectors. 

  • If you never experience COLD or extreme HEAT - if you’re never hungry - if you’re never under stress - your sirtuin circuit starts to relax and your epigenome degrades much more rapidly. 

  • Why external stress is a necessary component of having a healthy and active epigenome, which keeps you younger for longer. 


  • How “Tet enzymes” can help a blind old mouse see like it was young again.

  • Injecting a virus into your body that reverses your age.

  • The quest for the “fountain of youth"

  • The supplements you should consider taking to slow the aging process.

    • 750-1000 mg of NMN

    • Metformin may be a powerful drug for reversing aging

    • Resveratrol

    • CoQ 10 - soluble form

  • Homework: Eat less often. You still have to eat well, and you can still eat the same amount of calories, space out the meals, and don’t snack in between. 

You can google NMN, or check this article by Harvard Medical School genetics professor.
I imported some and will share with you. My contacts are above.
Just read the article below and google others from prominent universities and judge for yourself!


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