Beta Alanine

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What is β-Alanine
From the medical point of view, Beta-Alanine is a natural amino acid. It’s a popular supplement that is produced all over the world in large quantities, and it’s extremely cheap. 
It’s quite a useless thing by itself, but it’s the most efficient – if not the only – way for a human to get more Carnosine. You already get it in small amounts from all the meat, fish, and chicken you eat. 
Ever seen a chicken just BURST from a place? Carnosine is the exact substance that allows dogs, horses, or birds to run like crazy when they sense danger. 
As for human effects, Carnosine can give you all the steroidal benefits (just waay less pronounced): 
Muscle growth;
Endurance Boost;
Strength Gains. 
As an extra benefit, you can take it for a whole year — your body doesn’t get tired of beta-Alanine and doesn’t develop any tolerance.


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