The advantages and disadvantages of water based, oil based and orals

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As for the forms of release of steroids, they are presented:

pills. πŸ’Š Advantages: there is no need to master the technique of performing injections, ease of use. The course of solo pills is allowed only up to six weeks, and you should not expect any special changes in the growth of strength and muscle mass, since the time is extremely short to change. 😿

Traditionally, the scheme of anabolic therapy is not based only on oral medications.

Water-or oil-based injections. πŸ’‰ Advantages: fast action, minimal harm to the body. Injections are usually given in the shoulder, buttocks or thigh. These are the most convenient and safe areas for the administration of anabolics.

Steroids for injection are available in ampoules or large vials. Water-based products are absorbed faster, but also eliminated at an accelerated rate, so they have to be injected several times a day. More popular are oil preparations based on long esters, which last longer in the body and do not require frequent use. πŸ‘

If you are going to introduce anabolics yourself, be sure to study the recommendations for performing injections and make a clear scheme for their administration. The most important rule that should be learned is that oil medicines are not injected intravenously in any case. It's deadly❌ And you can not mix or put in common places Oil esters together with Suspensions – this will lead to severe abscesses ❗️

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